PayPal is the main payment method right now. PayPal is asecure and trustworthy payment processing service. There are followingadvantages:

    1. Safe: No need to share your financial information onlinebuy using PayPal. And the money can get back if something bad happens.

    2. Quick and easy: Pay quickly without getting out yourwallet or typing your card details into different sites. All you need is youremail address for quick, easy payment.

    3. Everywhere: PayPal is accepted at thousands of websites,from leading brands to small independent retailers. So no matter where yourshop is, PayPal can work Stilly.

    4. As for the additional international fees, generallyspeaking the situation rare happens. But if the fees do required, customersneed to pay for it. Hope for your understanding.



    Western Union is a global leader in international moneytransfer. Send money around the world today

    To a bank account

    Sending money directly to your receiver is easier than everwhen you transfer money to a bank account. Western Union makes the processquick and convenient.


    1: Choose to a bank account.

    2: Enter your receiver??s bank account information.

    3: Pay with your Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or Visa Debit(Delta and Visa Electron).

    4: You\'ll get a confirmation by email with the trackingnumber (MTCN).

    5: The money will be deposited into your receiver??squalifying bank account